Our Schools

St Joseph's Primary School K-6

Build in Love

108 Ocean Street, Narrabeen 2101. (02) 9913.3766; fax: (02) 9970.7627

More information: https://www.sjndbb.catholic.edu.au

St Rose Primary School K-6

Constant & True

8 Rose Avenue, Collaroy Plateau 2097. (02) 9982.1467; fax: (02) 9971.5560

More information: www.srcpdbb.catholic.edu.au

The Lakes Catholic Parish Reference Form for High School

Families seeking a Catholic Parish Reference form for High School are asked to please fill out 'The Lakes Parish' reference form also and send both forms along with a Parishioner Information form to the Parish Office for recommendation.

To Download The Lakes Catholic Parish Reference Form Click Here