2. Re-discovery of Conversation

First Step: Re-discovery of Conversation Among Friends

A Forgotten Friend….

Recently as I walked along a busy street in Sydney CBD, I bumped per chance into an old friend whom I had not seen for years.  We had studied together at the university and shared some good old days together. However, our ways had parted a decade ago. My friend is now a success lawyer and is married to a beautiful woman with three gorgeous teenager kids. After a brief exchange of few memories, we decided to have lunch together in the City where he and his family had booked in a fine hotel. I arrived at the restaurant somehow with a mixed feeling. I was not sure what to say because we haven’t talked to each other for a long time, even though I was very anxious to meet my friend. After few drinks (I took the bus home of course), our tongues relaxed and we conversed with each other as if we were at the university again. When we finally said good bye with a firm handshake, I promised that I surely will visit him and his family soon, also to baptize his youngest child who is expected in a few months.

A Friend Re-discovered….

I am sure that you have made similar experiences. It is not easy to talk to someone with whom we have lost contact for a long time, even if it is a good friend of old days. Similarly, it likens our conversation with God who was known to us when we were young and in whose name we have been baptized. Perhaps, you still remember how you have talked everyday in a childish manner to God whom we called our Father. As we grew up, we have also grown afar from Him. As with your own Father, you don’t talk with him on daily basis. You don’t ask questions and don’t expect him to provide you with answers. Gradually, you would call him only at his birthdays or so. You are too busy with all sorts of work, with kids, with mortgage. Perhaps, you have moved even elsewhere to find an affordable house and work – far from your parent’s house. As with the parents, God is far from your life and concerns.

Have Courage…

It took me a great deal of efforts to start anew a conversation with my friend. Yet, I was lucky because he and his family made it really easy for me. We talked about things which we shared together when we were dreamers; and we believed that the world was made only for us.

Perhaps, you will find it difficult to speak with God. You might even not know how to start and what to speak about.

If I may suggest this to you: Like my friend and me, speak with God about your dreams, your joys or even your expectation of life. Share with God, your friend of your youth, the good things you have experienced. Slowly, you will discover how patient your friend listens to you. Don’t be afraid of telling God, your friend, about all the funny things you have done. Perhaps, your God-friend will laugh with you, as my friend did with me. This might be the first step through which you rediscover your friendship with God.

Gift of Friendship

Now my friend and his family have gone back to Europe, I am still often in contact with him, via skype and other new social media. So don’t you need always to be in the church to converse with your God-friend. You can talk to Him anywhere you like for He is everywhere. Talk with God when you are waiting for the bus, when you are running or even when you are driving. You even don’t need many words because words spoken in your hearts are more profound. Day by day you will find it much easier to speak with your God-friend then with others because He does not judge you, but is there to listen to your dreams, hope and concerns.

Prayer for Enduring Friendship

My conversation with my friend kicks off well because I started by thanking him for our friendship. It is in the expression of gratitude for our friendship that binds more and more together. Perhaps you can use this prayer to start your conversation with God:

You have blessed us, O God,
with the gift of friendship,
the bonding of persons
in a circle of love.
We thank you for such a blessing:
for friends who love us,
who share our sorrows,
who laugh with us in celebration,
who bear our pain,
who need us as we need them,
who weep as we weep,
who hold us when words fail,
and who give us the freedom
to be ourselves.
Bless our friends with health,
wholeness, life, and love.