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Lakes Catholic Parish subscription services.

Please print and read document or read on-line - it is important you understand the purpose and use of this services.

The Service has been implemented primarily to serve parishioners and those outside of the parish who may want to link to the parish.

This is free service.

Due to demand for better communications, the parish has established a subscription list which will allow Parish Members and others to subscribe to Parish information updates.
Though we do use the parish bulletin on Sundays as a primary form of communications, the paper document has limited capacity for announcements and reports. The parish e-news and the web is the central form of communicating, with and retaining ready access information for parish and the broader parish community.

The subscription service enables the parish to understand your interests and you status in the parish. The interest list will be updated from time to time so please recheck your subscription status.

If you leave the area, you can un-subscribe and this will be an indication that you have moved out of the parish or are no longer interested in being part of the parish. Please note this does not preclude you from contacting the Parish Office to discuss your needs and status in the parish.

As a member of the parish, you will receive a weekly E-news and from time to time, your special interest group will send you more specific information with regards to that area of interest you have indicated as important to you. Not all of the groups communicate using the mailing list. Until such time we have standardised our communication, these interest groups will make contact with you from time to time.

Please note: you contact data will not be made available to any external parties and will be used strictly for parish communications. see Privacy Policy.

You as parishioner are in full control and can update your subscription at any time and unsubscribe when you wish. Please note that when you do unsubscribe, this is an indication that you have moved out of the area or no longer want to be part of the parish.

If your specific interest in not shown on the list, please use the free formal text box headed Other Interest, we will use this data to help discern where we focus our ministries.

The Lakes Catholic Parish reserve the right to remove non-parishioners subscribers off the list.

We endeavour to build stronger communications and we look forward to feed back on your experience.

If you have subscribed and are not receiving your automated information updates check to see if the emails have gone into spam, if the emails are not in spam or junk folders then email parishoffice@lakesparish.org.au  with your details and we can take a look at why you are not receiving your updates.