Our People

Fr. Rex Curry - Parish Priest

Fr Rex Curry is the Parish Priest of the Lakes Catholic Parish from the Diocese of Broken Bay. From his ordination in 1973 until 1990 he worked in the Diocese of Armidale and from that date until now in the Diocese of Broken Bay. When Pope Paul VI’s encyclical letter, Evangelii Nuntiandi appeared in the early 1970’s, Fr Curry’s ministry had been focused primarily on evangelisation in parishes. In the mid 1980’s, on behalf of the Diocese of Armidale, Fr Curry was accompanied by representatives from eight Dioceses to bring Renew to Australia. Around the year 2000 he arranged Sherry Waddell, from the Catherine of Siena Institute to bring the Spiritual Gifts Process to Australia. In 2008 he took Susan Borg and Kathy Gray to Tennessee to experience a LOTWEM Retreat, Bishop Walker, from the Diocese of Broken Bay, then initiated  LOTWEM to his Diocese. Following a conference in Baltimore Maryland at which Fr Curry was sponsored by the Diocese of Broken Bay, he brought ChristLife to Australia. All these processes involve encouragement of the lay vocation; develop the many facets of conversion for parish life, and attempt to model ‘the evangelising parish’.
Fr. Rex can be contacted through the Parish Office 02 9982 1058

 Fr. Raphael Kimaro Assistant Priest.

Fr. Raphael was trained for Religious Life and Priesthood for 15 years in Tanzania, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya. He made his final religious vows in 2002 and so became a perpetual member of the Institute of the Apostles of Jesus. 6th December 2002,  ordained a Deacon in Nairobi, Kenya and then on 12th July, 2003  was ordained to the priesthood in Moshi Diocese, Tanzania (my home Diocese). He
 arrived in Australia on 11th October 2013 and was asked to help in the Catholic Diocese of Wilcannia– Forbes where he was assigned Administrator to St Michael Catholic Parish in Deniliquin  for 3 years. Then Rev Bishop Peter Commensoli in consultation with Rt Rev Bishop Columba of Wilcannia-Forbes and his religious superiors transferred him back to Broken Bay Diocese and assigned him as Assistant priest to the Lakes Catholic Parish. 

Fr. Raphael can be contacted through the Parish Office 02 9982 1058 
or via email frraphael@lakesparish.org.au

Danka Scenna  - Parish Secretary  - 

 can be contacted through the Parish Office 02 9982 1058

              or via email at parishoffice@lakesparish.org.au

Alicen van Bokhoven - Catechists Coordinator

Alicen is responsible for coordinating the 
Catechist program at the Lakes Catholic Parish. 

Alicen can be contacted via email alicen@lakesparish.org.au or at the Parish Office on 02 9982 1058.

Therese Oakley - Parish Bookkeeper

Therese is responsible for managing parish 

Therese can be contacted via email accounts@lakesparish.org.au or at the Parish Office on 02 9982 1058.

Sarah Webster - Music Coordinator

Sarah is responsible for developing and coordinating the Parish Music Ministry

Sarah can be contacted via email music@lakesparish.org.au or at the Parish Office on 02 9982 1058.